Level Up Your Printables - 6 Tips & Tricks


Level up your printables from Teresa Collins Studio with these 6 tips & tricks!⁠

Teresa Collins Studio - Planner Bookmarks

Planner Bookmarks - Teresa Collins Studio

1) Print on heavier paper

Printing on paper heavier (greater than 65lb), rather than text weight paper (23-32lb) gives your project some heft and sturdiness. ⁠{Just be careful that not to get paper too thick/heavy that it won't go through your printer - Neenah 110lb Cover will not go through my current printer.}

Here are two papers which have worked well for me: 


2) Add pops of color with markers or colored pencils

Here I simply colored the star in with a gold colored pencil and the box with 'You Are Enough' with a neon pink. Even little things like this can elevate your project. Do a little or do a lot of coloring. Have fun!


3) Laminate with either glossy or MATTE laminating pouches. (Yes, you heard me matte laminating pouches - they're a game changer.)

Lamination pouches come in 4 thicknesses: 3mil, 5mil, 7mil, & 10mil. Any thickness will add to the sturdiness of your project, but 10mil is the thickness of standard planner & notebook covers. 

Lamination pouches come in a glossy finish, as we all know, but they also come in matte. Let me tell you the matte lamination feels AMAZING - it's soft and silky. You can also write on the matte ouches once you've run them through your laminator. I used matte lamination for this project: 3mil for the two bookmarks with twine toppers and 10mil for the 'Strong' planner bookmark, punched with a mushroom punch.

Here are the laminating pouches I used:

This is the laminator I use (it does 3-10mil)

4) Punch holes at the top or punch holes to fit in you planner. Also use an angle cut at the top for more interest.

Punching holes at the top give you a place to add extra embellishments is perfect for leveling up your printable. 
I used a Crop-a-Dile to punch my holes, but any single hole punch will do.

To cut the top of my two bookmarks at an angle I used another Crop-a-Dile product, but you can just eyeball it and cut a half inch corner off the top edges. 
The Crop-a-Dile Corner Chomper - Angle & Photo

We R Memory Keepers - Crop-A-Dile - 2 in 1 Retro Corner Punch Chomper Tool - Angle and Photo

The mushroom hole puncher is the type used with disc bound systems, like The Happy Planner. I use both of these punches. 

Me and My Big Ideas - Create 365 Collection - Planner - Big Punch

from: Scrapbook.com 

5) Add an eyelet in the top hole

Add a little jewelry, a bit of  sparkle to the top of your book mark with an eyelet of your choice. Here I simply used the eyelets that came with my Crop-a-Dile.

6) Use twine or embroidery floss for a crowning finish!⁠

⁠I chose a gold metallic, accented bakers twine for the 'Strong' bookmark and three different shades of pink to match the pink rainbows.  

You can try the twine here:

Here's another selection:

Thank you SO much for reading & I'll catch y'all in the next blog post.


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