Art Journal Adventures | Week 2 | Exploring Texture

Here is a detailed rundown of my YouTube video for Art Journal Adventures: Exploring Texture. Here's a link to's blog where you too can follow along and get creative with me. Blog.

  • Gessoing page 

  • Dry gesso 

  • Add washi tape 

    • I’m not sure how I’ll bind the final art journal, so I’m giving myself a margin, so when I do bind the journal, I won’t mess up any artwork. 
    • Jane Davenport ‘Palette’ washi tape set – thickest one in the bunch

      • A Teflon bone folder, this one in particular, slides over surfaces when burnishing and folding paper very well 

  • Mask off the washi tape 

  • Stamping the face 

    • Stamp the face outline separately from the eyes and nose 
    • Grab an acrylic block, any large (or small) enough to fit the stamp 
    • Clean stamps with a towel or baby wipe 

  • Adding Texture Paste 

    • Use a palate knife to get texture paste out of jar and spread/smear onto page in a windblown-esque hair shape 
    • Liquitex Modeling Paste
    • Use a heat tool to set the modeling paste surface (becasue art waits for no one, least of all the artist) 

  • Mask the face 

    • Using some Post-It Tape create a mask so the spray ink won’t get on the face 
    • As you can see it didn’t work, but this shouldn’t stop you from trying 

    • Heat set the spray ink 

  • Wispy Hair & Tar gel 

    • I wanted to create wispy tendrils of iridescent hair so I used a mixture of: 

    • Mix the Tar Gel, Iridescent Medium & Polymer Medium together till you have a nice drizzly consistency 
      • Use the Polymer Medium to thin the consistency and not water because water can mess-up the integrity/adhesion of the mixture. 
    • Drizzle to your heart’s content. 

  • Spray with water 

    • After the iridescent hair has dried spray, drip and dab water on the piece to get the desired spotted, speckled and watery look. 
    • Tools used: 

  • White & Gold Paint 

    • I already had some white and gold paint in Fineline bottles laying around from a project months earlier. I decided to add these as hair tendrils as well. 
    • The Fineline bottles come in 2 gauges of tips: 18 gauge & 20 gauge
    • The white paint, because the spray inks I chose are water reactive even after they're dry, became tinted with the color ink it was over.

  • Bandanna 

    • I wasn’t really happy with the way the top of the head turned out. A bandanna of sorts seemed to solve the problem. 
    • 1st I created a template out of some leftover Post-It Tape. 
    • Cut out the final bandanna from an awesome cosmic/galaxy printed Mylar gift bag from Daiso

  • Finishing the face 

    • As alluded to earlier, the face mask didn’t work; blue ink seeped under the mask leaving the face blue in most areas. 
    • To even out the blue hue and make the face more face like, I colored the face with: 
  • Adding more texture 
      • Apply with a palate knife and texturize with a comb or contour tool 

  • Viola and now she’s complete 

Thanks for stopping by and see you soon.


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